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I will be living in these pants! Hold Your Haunches Shapewear kicks ass, your booty, and whatever jiggles – way to go girls. They ROCK!!!!!!! — Bonnie Starr
Love, love, LOVE Hold Your Haunches Body Shapers! I just bought a second pair. Can’t live without them. I sell a product on air at QVC, and everyone knows that the camera puts 10 pounds on you. I just ordered my second pair of compression pants. I’m telling you, ladies – these are the best. They are COMFORTABLE, and they work. How many things can you say that about? — Christie Fletcher
Just received my bootcut pants and I LOVE my butt and thighs again (1st time since baby!)! Holy haunches – those suckers keep everything tight and they’re comfy! Awesome job, ladies! you definitely understand what women want! — Son Kim

As an old short woman whose build increasingly resembles that of a fire plug, I have had much experience with “shaping” products. There are two attributes in “Hold Your Haunches” that I have not found in any other shapewear: 1) They stay where you put them – no creeping or rolling down as the day progresses; and 2) they are comfortable until the very end of your day – no matter how long that day is. One additional praiseworthy feature is that the “boot-cut” pant holds its line even when another six inches have to be removed from the 32″ inseam. All-day, stay-put stylish comfort in a dress-it-up or casual-it-down pant? Who could ask for more than that? — Linda
I got my Haunches and even my saggy granny fanny looks tight! The support they provide feels great on my legs and knees post 2nd knee replacement! Hoping for continued success for HYH! — Lolly Fabian
I am 4’11” and ordered the bootcut & legging in a medium over two+ years ago! I had them hemmed. Yes, an extra expense, but worth every penny. I wear them each at least twice a week!! And, they still look brand new. The math speaks for itself. So does my tight tushy!!! — Jennifer Dowd
I LOVE my right to look tight! Love these black leggings, they are awesome! Like my children’s school uniforms, I am going to need a pair for each day!! — Mary Pinson
Just received my HYH’s that I ordered right after airing on Shark Tank. OMG…..phenomenal!! I would have never had guessed I would look that good after putting them on. I am 61yrs old and could hardly believe it was me in the mirror when I looked at myself. I looked two sizes smaller, well- proportioned, AND no “love handles”!! Where do these HYH’s put my fat??? I looked too HOT. Thank you ladies!!! I’ll be back for more!! Let’s get the word out & sales rolling in!! Got to expand to capri pants and multi colors. Also, a Big shout out and Thank You to Lori & Barbara. I’m guessing you both are wearing these HYH’s also. LOL!! — Candice Bennett


Absolutely the most marvelous compression pants I’ve ever had. Slimming? OH YES! But best of all what they do for my arthritic back and knees – unbelievable! — Lesley Ault
Hold Your Haunches Shapewear for women is simply the best. — Michelle Marshall
Oh. My. Goodness. I got my Hold Your Haunches compression pants today. I don’t want to take them off to go to bed. Let me explain. In February 2011, I had spinal fusion surgery. Since then I have had a boatload of complications which have resulted in muscle weakness in my abdominals particularly, as well as my hip muscles. I resisted ordering these pants (WHAT was I thinking?!?) due to cost, but finally I broke down. This past week I’ve had the worst muscle spasms I’ve had in weeks and just couldn’t get comfortable – until this afternoon. As soon as the package arrived I decided, what the heck, I’ll make the effort and try them on. You know the usual – at first I was skeptical…

OMG! The support from these pants is WONDERFUL!!! I am so surprised. It’s certainly not a cure, but the spasms have eased and I don’t have to struggle to hold everything in place (imagine sucking your belly button in all the time!). I also don’t look like a bag of doorknobs tied in the middle either! Can I tell you how much that does for my ego? I’m going to have to order the black leggings. I wonder, have you ever considered making a skirt? You’ve made me a believer! Thanks. — Patricia Gibson

My husband doesn’t know anything about these pants. He does, however, know that I had on a new outfit yesterday. Last night, he told me that he didn’t know if it was the pants or heels or what, but something sure made my a$$ look good yesterday. I was wearing my Hold Your Haunches Booty Up Bootcut pants for the first time. — Nikki Gwin
Just took my Hold Your Haunches compression pants to the tailor to be hemmed. He was amazed with them and wanted to keep the tag so he can recommend them to customers. He used to work for Joseph A. Banks in New York and they sent him here to open the Columbus store. He decided Columbus needed a good tailor and opened shop. But the point is, he really knows clothes and thinks you are a genius!!! — Cecile Stewart Bone
LOVE my Hold Your Haunches Shapewear Pants! The best pants ever invented! Athens [Georgia] is ready to order them! Thanks again!! — Marjie Dickey
Hold Your Haunches Shapewear Pants will change a girl’s life. I am telling everyone about these life-changing, thigh-altering, and butt-lifting pants!!!! They are truly amazing.
To all my Hold Your Haunches friends – thanks for showing up yesterday! Jenny and Erin have an amazing product, and I see great things in their future and for our bods! For those who couldn’t make it, you can call me for their number or go on their website to order. Thanks for visiting High Point, J and E! — From our gracious hostess in High Point: Anna Tatum Swing
I just put on my new pair of Booty Up Bootcuts and they are a miracle worker!! If you don’t have a pair or two or one for every day of the week it’s a crying shame!! And this gal doesn’t endorse easily!! — Elizabeth Harris
Getting ready to have hip replacement surgery soon. The Hold Your Haunches highwaisted leggings have been the best shapewear pants to wear for support when my hip has been in pain before the surgery because of the tightness of the inner lining! I feel sure these will be the only pants to wear following the surgery! Love my Haunches! And as a traveler, I will say they are the perfect travel pant! No wrinkles and can be worn with tennis shoes or heels and keep me looking good every day!
Ceil Bone
Bought two pair – one for dinners out and one for exercising. Ran five miles yesterday in 14 degree weather and they were perfect! — Edgeley Myers
Loving my new Hold Your Haunches shapewear I found under the Christmas tree! They sure do help hide all the egg nog consumed over the holiday! I don’t want to take them off!
Molly Muse
Hold Your Haunches compression pants are perfect for cool weather golf! They give when you swing, keep you warm, don’t ride up or down, and make you look stylish at the same time! I highly recommend them as golf wear!! — Denise Trethaway
Love them…my haunches have been up tight and outta sight while visiting Kansas City this week! — Pam Pilcher
Just love them, and have worn them almost every other day! Thanks Hold Your Haunches!
Joy Stanley