11 Reasons Why You Should Burn Your Sweatpants

8th Apr 2015

Yesterday, I saw a grown woman standing in line at Starbucks wearing a camisole, oversized sweatpants, and pool flip flops. I did a double take. Other than her outfit, nothing about her screamed “My life is falling apart and if you smile at me I’ll p...
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How To Get Away With Wearing Yoga Pants To Work

3rd Apr 2015

Ah, yoga pants. The wardrobe staple of every woman in America. They’re the pants we slip into as soon as we get home from work. The ones we bask in every weekend while we flip through magazines and watch trashy TV and ignore our families with the...
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What Your Favorite Type Of Leggings Says About You

1st Apr 2015

If I had to tell you my most favorite thing about leggings ever...I couldn’t do it. Pick just one thing about these magical, must be Heaven sent, wear them nearly every day “pants?” Sorry, girlfriend, but that’s not possible -- and that’s becau...
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Fall Style Sweepstakes: Win a Pair of HYH Pants!

14th Oct 2014

We want to see you in your favorite fall looks featuring your Hold Your Haunches pants! Now through Thursday, October 30th, share a photo during our #hyhfallstyle Instagram sweepstakes and you will have a chance to win a pair of HYH pants! Her...
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Dog Paddling Our Way Into The Shark Tank: Part 3

29th Apr 2014

Because If We Hadn’t Taped, We Wouldn’t Have Written This We’ve taped, we’ve aired and now we will air some more. We hung in our trailer/on the lot harassing people and were at times assured ‘sure, you’re going to make it to set ,no worries’ an...
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Dog Paddling Our Way Into The Shark Tank: Part 2

8th Apr 2014

Or Why Do Jenny & Erin Have Their Very Own Trailer People often ask us what we did to prepare for Shark Tank. First of all, we watched every.single.episode. As avid TV watchers, this was not a problem. Knowing Hold Your Haunches’ answer to...
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Dog Paddling Our Way Into The Shark Tank: Part 1

3rd Apr 2014

Because Some Girls (Hold Your Haunches) WANT to Talk About Taming Their Jiggly Butts on TV In April 2013 we received an email from someone identifying themselves as a Shark Tank producer saying he had been on our website and social media and w...
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Winter Storm Janus

20th Jan 2014

We sure wish Janus would bring us some snow! We wear our HYH regardless of the weather but for you folks in Janus’s path, order up! Back when we used to go skiing, we wore our haunches in place of long underwear under our ski britches. That way...
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