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Body by Binge

Happy Summer, haunch fans!  After taking a break to recover from getting daughters graduated and sons barely to the next grade, we are back in the saddle (side saddle at least). At the urging of our short suffering marketing team, we are trying to hop back aboard the blogging train. Staying true to our form, we asked them for a topic assignment and decided to ignore it and write something entirely different.

See that ^^^^? Frequently we use an old quote when people ask what led us to design Hold Your Haunches -  “Necessity is the mother of invention”.  When your lifestyle revolves around food & drink, podcasts & binge watching and the only exercise you really enjoy is the shaking of abs from laughter; well, you get the picture.

Essentially a business was born out of our desire to make ourselves look like we were doing what we were supposed to without actually having to do it. And all was well until…

Along with our husbands, we received an invitation to join a friend from college on the trip of a lifetime. One week, in July, on a yacht, island hopping in the Bahamas.

Our first reaction:

WTF are we going to do with our overfed/underworked mom bods? 911 this is an emergency!

Obviously we started the Whole 30 and signed up for Cross Fit. Yeah right.

We threw max coverage swimwear at Google. Unfortunately, the good old days are officially over.

We liked this one, but it looks like walking and breathing may be a problem...

Now we are toying with the idea of an HYH bathing suit which would actually be a full bodysuit that we can wear bathing suits over! Imagine the sexy suits of our long ago yesteryear we could pull off! We would need to have them in deepening shades of tan, so as not to arouse the suspicions of our host. Of no concern, our husbands. They will never notice.

You heard it here first. Our next invention is in the works. Any input on fingers, toes and head would be greatly appreciated.