What Your Thanksgiving Day Outfit Says About You

25th Nov 2015

Ah, Thanksgiving: the day of gluttony. There is truly nothing better than Turkey Day, a day dedicated entirely to sitting around and gossiping about your weird second cousins while eating and drinking a week’s worth of calories. It’s amazing. An...
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How To Wear Leggings During The Summer

29th Jun 2015

Much like wine, leggings are one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. We love them -- and we know you love them, too. And for three glorious seasons a year, we can pretty much get by wearing leggings 3-4 times a week (or every day if you’re crea...
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How to Organize Your Closet

5th Jun 2015

Let’s just get right to the point: keeping a clean closet is hard. Even if every other nook and cranny of your house is spotless, it’s more than likely that when it comes to your bedroom closet, the buck stops there. Between the clothes and the sh...
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How To Style Your Leggings: The Workplace Edition

22nd May 2015

When I first started working, one of the biggest shocks to my system was how uncomfortable professional clothes proved to be. Between the heels that pinched my feet, the zippers that dug into my unfortunately ever-growing tummy (I blame the Chines...
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Tips And Tricks For Hiding Your "Problem Areas"

15th May 2015

Problem areas: we’ve all got them. Even the people who are perfect (looking at you, Giselle) still have at least one thing they’d like to change. What can we say? We’re human. And if there’s one thing that humans were put on earth to do, it’s t...
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