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5 Reasons Why We Are All Claire Dunphy From “Modern Family”

If you own a TV, have a magazine subscription, are aware of what the World Wide Web is, or are a member of the human race, then you’re probably familiar with “Modern Family.” While most fans of the show have their favorite character (except for Alex. Does anyone like Alex?), we’re firmly on Team Claire. Sure, she’s not as glamourous as Gloria or as outlandish as Cam or even as loveable as Phil, but Claire has, without a doubt, stolen our hearts. Every episode, we identify with her, we get her, we understand her. Heck, we are her.

Unlike most other TV moms, Claire must deal with the inner-workings of normal day-to-day life. She’s not jetsetting off to Europe with her pool boy, she’s not dealing with an estranged husband in prison and a boyfriend getting gunned down in the courtroom (looking at you, “The Good Wife”) and she’s not partying ‘til dawn with her children who in all actuality are only two years younger than she is in real life. No, no. Claire Dunphy is normal. She’s like us. She deals with laundry, and work, and kids who never get along, and a husband who likes to be the nice guy, because as he puts it, it’s important to have a “good cop/mom” (as opposed to “good cop/bad cop) dynamic. Sigh. Claire, we get you.

Now, pour a glass of your favorite (read: cheap) wine -- the kind doesn’t matter because as Claire says: don’t discriminate, alcohol is alcohol -- and drink in honor of the best ever TV mom.

1. She Doesn't Have Enough Time in the Day to Get Everything Done.

Between work life and family life and having enough time to guzzle down a bottle of wine at the end of the day while she worries about whether or not Haley is out there getting arrested...Claire needs about 35-40 hours in a day to get her to-do list finished to completion. Hey, we can relate to that all too well.

 photo Elven_zps24a71504.gif

2. She Really Tries to Fit In With Her Kids.

Just like the mom in “Mean Girls,” Claire doesn’t want to be like a regular mom -- she wants to be a cool mom. Unfortunately for Claire, though, her kids used to be completely unwilling to see her as someone capable of doing things other than folding laundry and driving a minivan. The good news is, as Haley, Alex, and Luke have grown up, they’ve started to see her as someone they might -- gasp -- actually like. Praise the Lord. There’s hope for us yet.

3. She Tells It Like It Is.

Being a mom is hard...for so many reasons, obviously. But one of which is that you’re always on call. You always have to fix booboos, break up fights, wipe away tears, and soothe bruised egos and shattered hearts. But sometimes, just sometimes, you need a break. Sometimes it hits you and you’re just like “Nope. Can’t do it. Mama needs to go lock herself in the bathroom for two minutes and have a come to Jesus moment so that she doesn’t become one of those comatose women you see on “Dateline.”) And if there’s anyone who knows this best, it’s Claire. Call it selfish, call it rude, call it whatever, but Claire gets it -- you just can’t be “on” all the time. And you know what? That’s okay.

4. She's Capable of Scaring the Ever-Loving Crap Out of You.

Just like most moms, Claire sees all, hears all, and knows all -- and she’s not afraid to hold that over your head. As most every kid knows, it’s all fun and games ‘til your mom (or your wife) first and middle names which point, death seems like a favorable option to whatever she has in store for you. Yes, moms can be that scary. The great thing about Claire’s presence on “Modern Family” is that our kids get to see that ALL moms (not just theirs) exist to both love and terrify their children (and again, husbands).

5. She Knows That Sometimes You Just Need to Kick Back, Relax, and Get Your Drink On.

Cheers, Claire. This one’s on us.