A portion of all proceeds are donated to Jay’s HOPE. We are also proud to be the presenting sponsor at their annual fundraising event.



At Jay’s HOPE, we are blessed to be called to stand in the gap with our local families as they battle childhood cancer. Our mission is to improve their quality-of-life by extending HOPE through social, emotional, spiritual, financial and education support.

The vision of the Jay’s HOPE Foundation was formed in the midst of Jay’s battle with medulloblastoma, a brain tumor. Diagnosed at 2 ½ years old, Jay and his parents, Cindy and Jason Gaskins, spent 3 years running a household in Central Georgia and receiving cancer treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. During these three years, the Gaskins received blessings and community support through hot meals, childcare, prayers, and more. However, the Gaskins quickly realized they were in the minority. During Jay’s treatment, they met numerous families that did not have the financial means to keep their homes or their cars while medical bills mounted. Many didn’t have enough gas money to travel home for the weekend. It was clear to Jay’s family that they were being called to give to others. The mission of the Jay’s HOPE Foundation was created.

Through Jay’s battle with cancer the doors of opportunity opened to help other families in the midst of the fight. A few of the ways we are able to spread HOPE include:

Family Events

Connecting our families together through monthly social activities expands their support systems, offers encouragement, alleviates feelings of isolation and creates lasting relationships.

Play Therapy

The Jay’s HOPE office has a large play therapy room where patients and siblings can escape the hospital setting and relax while engaging in a number of age appropriate activities. We also frequently visit our hospital-bound children and provide respite for our parents.

Family Resource Center

Our office has a large patient library for caregivers to use resource and inspirational books and materials. We also offer internet service to families use for research.

Tutorial Services

We have an amazing and compassionate teacher who works with our students. She guides parents through navigating the process of developing individual educational plans with their school and works through the local hospital home-bound system.

Temporary Housing and Travel

Jay’s HOPE maintains an apartment for free use by our families in the event that the Ronald McDonald house if full or if they do not qualify to stay there. We also provide gas and meal assistance to those traveling far from home for treatment.

Financial Assistance

Through our generous donor dollars and community partnerships, we are able to offer need-based financial assistance to those who qualify. Many families face financial difficulties during this life-altering diagnosis. We are blessed to be able to join hands and meet immediate needs.

To find out more about Jay’s HOPE, visit jayshope.org or follow them on Facebook.