Hold onto your fanny packs, retailers. Once you get a lady wandering your store with a new found bounce in her badonkadonk, you won’t be able to keep our smart, sexy, shapewear pants on your shelves.

Hands Down The Best Shapewear Out There

Ladies everywhere are discovering our booty beauty secret and your store can be on the cutting edge of butt lifting technology with us. We supply businesses of all shapes and sizes who want to help ladies everywhere put their butts back up where they belong with the best shapewear on the market.

Our body shaper pants have two layers of goodness. The outer layer is a fashion-forward black pant in legging, boot cut, or capri style, and the inner layer is a no-joke compression shell sewn in at the waist and extending all the way to the calf to keep your whole bottom half smooth and tight.

The best part is – these body shaper pants look just like any other stylish pant, so your secret to that rockin’ body is safe with us.

Become A Retailer

We are always delighted by interest in our brand. Please read our Terms and Conditions and email all completed applications to [email protected], including Account Application and Order Form.

Please Note: All new account setups must go through a Hold Your Haunches sales representative. To locate a Hold Your Haunches sales representative for your area, email your store name and address to [email protected]. The sales representative will assist accounts in completing a Hold Your Haunches New Account Application, obtaining inside and outside photos of your store and placing an initial order.

For all other inquiries, please contact 888.494.2965.