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6 Signs You're Obsessed With Leggings

When leggings first began sweeping the world in the early 2000s, it was as if God or Baby Jesus or Oprah or whoever is up there looking out for us said “Hey ladies, this one’s for you. I apologize about the wage gap silliness, and the whole childbirth thing, and that whole Salem witchcraft nonsense...and, well, a lot of things. Hope these make up for it!” And ladies everywhere rejoiced and said “No worries! These are awesome.” They were a literal gift from the heavens. The gift of no pants: a truly magical thing, indeed.

For ten years strong, women in the western hemisphere have slowly but surely said “no thanks” to jeans and slacks and have instead embraced the pants with an elastic waistline. Thanks to innovations in technology (cough, Hold Your Haunches, cough), leggings are now not only a replacement for old school pants, they’re better. Thanks to our double lining, our pants slim, tighten, and tone...meaning you can skip the gym, skip the restrictive pants with buttons, and still look great.

Regardless of what kind of leggings you’re wearing, though, we can all agree that leggings are our main squeeze, our #1, our one and only, if you will. We love them so much -- and we know you do, too -- that we decided to put together this fun list.

1. You hoard them

There is nothing wrong with this. Let us repeat: there is nothing wrong with this. But a definite sign you might love your leggings is if once you find a style that looks great on you, you stock up. Whether it be five different pairs of the same pant (one for every day of the week!) or grabbing the same style in different colors, you now what you like and you stick with it. Even if your washing machine goes on the fritz for weeks on end, you’ll be fine. After all, a girl’s gotta be prepared.

2. You are defensive

Whenever someone (read: a rude man) says “leggings aren’t pants!” you are prepared to fight -- maybe even to the death -- for what is right. Leggings are not only pants, they are your favorite thing in the world. And you now what? You protect that thing. This is no joking matter.

3. You wear them every day of the week

Basically, there is never a time when you are not wearing leggings. You have your daytime leggings, your nighttime leggings, your workout leggings, your lazy day leggings, you fancy leggings and your leggings from 8 years ago that are covered in bleach and holes that you wear when you’re cleaning the bathrooms. If you could get your leggings permanently attached to your skin, you would. That’s how sure you are that you will never wear anything but.

4. Your jeans are collecting dust in your closet

Jeans? What are jeans? Oh, you mean those medieval, torture contraptions? Yeah, you don’t wear those anymore....because they are terrible. Instead, they are neatly folded in the back of your closet, collecting dust and likely spider webs. You have absolutely no plans to ever wear them again, but because you are a woman...they will continue to sit there for the next fifteen to one thousand years “just in case.”

5. Athletic attire is your go-to (and you don’t work out)

First came the leggings, then came the cute, monogrammed quarter zips, then came the fabulously fun tennis shoes in neon colors. Basically, you get to walk around all day in glorified pajamas, all the while convincing people that you’re about to hit up the gym (which, lol, you so would not do that). The good news is that thanks to Hold Your Haunches, you don’t even need to hit up the gym anymore since our pants do all the work for you. Now you can have your cake, eat it too, and dress like you’re a marathoner (which you are, if you count watching Real Housewives marathons while sitting on your couch).

6. You truly believe that leggings make you a better person

If you’re a mom, leggings go perfectly from carpool to playdates to date nights with just the switch of a top. If you’re a student, you can throw on your leggings and a T-shirt that you stole from a boy (this, by the way, is a story your mother never wants to hear about) and hightail it to class. If you’re a working lady, throw on some cute booties, a blazer, and your fav pair of stretchy pants and you are good to go for from the boardroom to happy hour. Leggings are truly made for everyone and they cut out so much of the frustration that comes with picking out an outfit from scratch...and, hey, this leaves more time for bigger decisions: like what are you doing for dinner? Takeout or delivery?