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As If You Needed an Excuse To Shop, Everything Sitewide Is Now 30% Off

With Valentine’s Day just two short weeks away, we’ve decided to give you a gift a little bit early. While chocolates and roses and store bought cards are nice and all, there is just nothing better than a little retail therapy to raise one’s spirits. So whether you’re married, dating, single, or looking to mingle, treat this upcoming holiday as a day to spoil yourself. After all, Valentine’s Day is about love...and who better to love than yourself? Treat yourself, girl. You deserve some awesome presents for you, from you.

So with that in mind, we are offering 30% off the ENTIRE site (February 1st - 7th only). Yes, that’s right. The whole site. Everything. All of it. You can get one thing, two things, or thirty things, and, again, it’s all 30% off. What can we say? We’re givers. Plus, we think every girl has got a right to look tight.

While everyone knows about our oh-so-famous Haunches (thank you, Shark Tank!) we wanted to introduce you to some products you might not be so familiar with. So while you’re feverishly stocking up on  Sleek Cheeks LeggingsBooty Patootie Bootcuts, and Caboose Boost Capris, keep in mind these other fabulous finds that will quickly become some of your favorite wardrobe staples. 

On Top: Tank

Every gal needs a good tank top, unfortunately, great tanks are often hard to come by. For the most part, the camis we tend to pick up in the bargain bin at Target tend to fall apart after just a few washes. It can be frustrating to constantly be in need of a great layering tank, but always, always, always be without one. Enter: our  On Top: Tank. Unlike those flimsy cotton tanks that lose their color, fall apart in the wash, and lose their shape after just a few wears, our tank will keep you nice and tight -- and will last forever and ever. It’s a go-to staple for, well, literally every woman ever. Pair it under a poncho, another layering tee, or wear it under a chambray shirt for an effortless, Joanna Gaines-inspired look. Though, let’s be honest, after you put on our tank, there will be nothing about YOU that needs a “fixer upper.” ;)

On Top: Poncho

Can we just take a moment and appreciate the fact that ponchos and blanket scarves are in style? It’s like God took a moment, thought for a second and said “You know, ladies. I’m really sorry about that whole “only making 70 cents to a dollar thing. How about I let y’all wear pajamas in public to make up for it?” And the women of the world rejoiced. And so it was.

Whether or not that’s how it really went down remains a mystery, but seriously, we’re so thankful that while the men in our lives have to walk around in suits, we get to walk around in glorified bathrobes. It’s pretty spectacular. And because we love wearing ponchos (aka the comfiest clothing invention ever) we decided to make one of our own to share with you all. Our  On Top: Poncho comes in a two neutral colors and is sure to go with anything and everything. Basically, it’s your new wardrobe favorite. 

On Top: Long Shawl Collar Vest

Did we mention how much we love this scarf/poncho phenomenon? Oh, we did? Well, we’ll say it again: it’s the greatest trend since...well, probably leggings. And we love those, too. So it should really be quite unsurprising that in addition to our poncho, we made a shawl collar vest as well. Our  On Top: Long Shawl Collar Vest comes in multiple colors and is the greatest accessory...maybe ever. You can dress it down, dress it up, and wear it during three out of four seasons. Yeah, it’s pretty much fantastic. Again, what can we say? We aim to please.