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Can You Ever Be “Too Old” To Wear Leggings? Of Course Not!

The other week, we received an email from a potential customer. Typically we respond, hit send, and that’s that. We don’t make a fuss. We don’t delve into philosophical discussions. We don’t post the question on the internet. However, after mulling over this question (and asking permission from the sender), we decided that this question actually was worthy of fussing over, and delving into philosophical discussions, and, yes, posting on the internet. You see, this question hit close to home as it’s something we once wondered -- and we’re assuming that many of you have as well.

So, let’s take a look at what Sus from Cary, North Carolina had to say:

quote.pngHey ladies!

I saw you on a rerun of “Shark Tank” the other night and was immediately impressed with your product. Also, the two of you are hilarious!

Anyway, I’m really interested in purchasing a pair (well, let’s be honest...a few pairs) of your pants, but I’m worried that -- gasp -- I’m too old to be seen around town in skintight leggings. I’m in my late 50s and recently celebrated the birth of my first granddaughter. I’m certainly no old fogie...but I’m not a spring chicken, either.

I’d say that I’m with the times when it comes to fashion, and have no problem wearing boyfriend jeans, age-appropriate sun dresses, skinny jeans, etc., but I’m wondering if it would be weird for me to wear leggings as a grandmother? I asked my daughter and she said it wouldn’t be weird at all, but I don’t know if she’s just saying that to be nice. Are all of your customers people who are younger than I am? Is it mostly young 20-somethings? I would love to purchase some of your pants but I’m worried that now that I’m a grandmother, people are going to think I’m trying to be like Goldie Hawn in “The Banger Sisters.” Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated!

First off, Sus, we’d like to thank you for referencing “The Banger Sisters” -- it made our day! Now, moving on to business. No, under no circumstance is anyone “too old” to wear our pants. Can the same be said for those flimsy leggings you see sold in teeny bopper stores? Probably not. But that’s why our pants are so unique.

While it used to be that only people in supermodel shape (and age) could get by wearing spandex, thanks to Hold Your Haunches, that’s just not the case anymore. Gone are the days of pants with elastic waistlines showing off every little nook and cranny of your body. Remember what that was like? When your leggings almost seemed to highlight any bumps or lumps or imperfections you might have? It was like walking around wearing a billboard that said “Yes, I am human! Please stare at my cellulite!” But luckily, it’s not like that now.

Because of Hold Your Haunches, leggings now hide rather than highlight your imperfections. Our pants feature two layers: the first being the typical black (or brown!) stretch material found in leggings, and the second being a compression shell sewn in at the waist. Your bumps and lumps will be smooth, your booty will be held up, and your tummy will be held in. Basically, our pants have magical powers. And now, leggings are no longer just for teens.

If you’re still feeling unsure about wearing “skintight” pants, though, just remember that they’re really no different from skinny jeans or even tighter work slacks for that matter. But, we do get that not everyone is comfortable showing off their tush, and if that’s the case, we do recommend a few different things: 

#1 - Wear a longer shirt

...underneath a sweater or vest that can be pulled down to slightly cover your backside.


#2 - Wear a longer, loose fitting shirt.


#3 - Wear a shawl or wrap that covers your booty.


So, Sus, go ahead and order a pair (or a few pairs!), as ladies of all ages enjoy our pants. We hope you now see that in order to wear Hold Your Haunches, you just need to be young at heart! We’ll take care of the rest.