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You Ask, We Answer: Is It Okay To Buy Hold Your Haunches As A Gift?

Every few weeks or so, we get a similar question emailed to our inboxes. Husbands, moms, daughters, aunts, sisters, cousins, and friends alike all want to know if it is okay to purchase a pair of Hold Your Haunches as a gift -- and, well, it really just depends on the situation. Though we dutifully answer every email that comes our way, we decided that it was about time to clear up the confusion once and for all. So, we laid out a few different scenarios that should help you decide if your giftee will say “ Thank you, honey! I’ve been waiting for a pair of these pants!” or “Guess what? You’re sleeping on the couch tonight?” If, of course, you’re still unsure of whether or not it’s a good idea, send us an email -- we’ll be happy to give you our expert opinion! 

Person #1: Your Mother

Person #2: Your Wife

Person #3: Your Daughter

Person #4: Your Best Friend

Whew. Does your brain hurt yet? No? Just us? Okay. Well, we hope that helped answer most questions/scenarios when it comes to figuring out whether or not our fahhhhbulous Hold Your Haunches™ are appropriate for a gift. If you do find yourself in a pickle, however, and you still can’t figure out if it’s okay or not, don’t be afraid to shoot us an email! Seriously, we’ve been through every scenario, including a guy who wanted to know whether or not it was okay to buy a pair for his aunt’s cousin’s sister’s nephew’s daughter’s graduation present. 

See? We told you we can handle anything.