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What Your Thanksgiving Day Outfit Says About You

Ah, Thanksgiving: the day of gluttony. There is truly nothing better than Turkey Day, a day dedicated entirely to sitting around and gossiping about your weird second cousins while eating and drinking a week’s worth of calories. It’s amazing.

And although we wish we could wear sweats all day or maybe even maternity leggings like Joey on “Friends”...


...society dictates that if we are going to be in the presence of friends and family, we must act like adults and put on real clothes. It’s a shame, too, as wearing real clothes is quite literally the only negative thing about Thanksgiving. Though, to be fair, it isn’t all bad. The truth of the matter is that we’ll gladly take having to put on shoes if it means we can be on our third glass of Chardonnay before noon.

If you’re still upset about not being able to wear your finest veleur leisure suit to Aunt Betty’s, believe us, we get it. But fear not, as we’ve made a list of various Thanksgiving day outfit ideas -- and what they say about you. 

LeggingsPoncho + Riding Boots

You, dear friend, are a girl after our own hearts. Not only do we plan on rocking this outfit on Thanksgiving, we pretty much rock a variation of this outfit every day. Call us creatures of habit, we don’t care. As Thomas Jefferson once said “once you find an outfit that makes your tush look good, wear it every day.” Seriously, he said that. Look it up.

This outfit is perfect for the casual Thanksgiving and allows you to seamlessly transition from morning cooking to afternoon drinking to evening eating…and more drinking. Spruce it up with some fun bangles, a topknot, and a punchy lipstick and you are good to go. Plus, nothing says “I’m here for a good time!” like wearing an outfit that will hide your third helping of stuffing and fourth bottle of wine. You’ll look tight and polished from the moment you arrive to the moment you pass out in a turkey-induced slumber.

If you’re the kind of girl to go casual on Thanksgiving, it means you’re laidback, easy going, and ready for whatever the day throws at you. Hats of to you, Casual Girl. We love you.

Cigarette Pants + Collared Shirt + Ballet Flats

We get it, you’re preppy. And any other day of the year we would find your Audrey Hepburn look positively adorable, but on Thanksgiving, we have to ask you: do you hate yourself? No, really. That isn’t a rhetorical question.

We can honestly imagine nothing worse than wearing tight, constricting (though adorable) pants paired with a tight, constricting (though adorable) button up shirt. Sure, you’ll probably wear amazing Kate Spade ballet flats and have your hair in a chic yet simple updo and, yes, you will probably have topped your outfit off with a classic strand of pearls...but is it worth it? While we would be jealous of your outfit any other time, we need you to think long and hard about this outfit choice on the day of gluttony…er, thanks. Day of thanks.

If even after our attempts at dissuading you, you still go with this chic yet not very comfy look, we commend your dedication to fashion. Coco Chanel would be proud. As for us? We’ll have another piece of pie… our pants won’t pop if we do.

If you’re the kind of gal who puts fashion over comfort, you’re (obviously) very disciplined and very polished. That being said, we bet you can throw back a dirty martini with the best of them.

Dress + Pantyhose + Boots

As long as you’re not wearing a bodycon, this is absolutely a choice we can get on board with. It says “Look, Meemaw! I’m old enough to say “hose” without laughing (maybe),” while also putting comfort ahead of all else. If you’re going the dress route, we’d suggest an A-line fit (hides the pumpkin pie pooch) or a sweater dress. Either will keep you comfy and happy, while tricking your relatives into thinking you didn’t let your kids eat cereal and leftover Halloween candy for dinner last night. After all, you’re wearing a dress which means you totally have your life pulled together. Pulled together people don’t throw a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the kitchen table and say “There’s a “Below Deck” marathon on tonight. Mommy’s taking the night off!” Or wait. Maybe they do. Either way, no one will ever know.

If you’re going the route of a casual dress, you are likely relaxed but always up for a good time. We’re sure you’ll look great!

In all seriousness, we want to wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving! And stay tuned for details on our BIG Black Friday sale!