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What Your Favorite Type Of Leggings Says About You

If I had to tell you my most favorite thing about leggings ever...I couldn’t do it. Pick just one thing about these magical, must be Heaven sent, wear them nearly every day “pants?” Sorry, girlfriend, but that’s not possible -- and that’s because leggings are -- simply put -- amazing. There is not just one good thing (or even two or three good things) about them. You know why? Because everything is good about them. Leggings are the real life, tangible equivalent of Ryan Gosling, Beyoncé, and an ice-cream sundae having a baby. They are perfection.

And though I cannot begin to even list all of the reasons why the women of the world have ditched their jeans for become-one-with-my-skin-spandex, I can tell you that one of the reasons is that leggings are so versatile. You have bootcut, you have capri cut, and you have the traditional, tight at the ankle, classic legging cut. Every girl in the damn free world has at least one drawer filled with every cut and color of leggings...but just because she owns all of the leggings, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a favorite. She does -- as do you, and as do I. And a girl’s favorite type of leggings? Well, they tell you more about her than her hair’s cut, color, engagement ring style, and go-to wine choice combined.

Boot Cut

Ah, the boot cut. Known in many circles as the classic yoga, the bootcut stands for everything that is good and right about leggings. They’re stretchy, forgiving, comfortable, and slimming. It’s like Jesus himself sewed these bad boys up and said “Here, my children. Take these for when you are too bloated or hungover to wear anything else. These pants...they’re like magic.” And they really are.

The gal who wears bootcut on the reg is the kinda girl who isn’t too fussy or prissy and is perpetually in that “the only thing I have to do today is go to Target and even that seems daunting” kind of mood. Her favorite errands are running to Chick-fil-A for a fountain Diet Coke and an order of fries that she will most certainly “forget” to tell her Weight Watchers coach about and sitting on her couch while watching some sort of Bravo marathon and maxing out her credit card thanks to Pinterest (yes, she considers online shopping an errand, as should you). Her hair is nearly always in a ponytail, but she does wear makeup because, as her mom reminds her, she’s not getting any younger and “men no longer live on trees?” (Question for mom: did they ever?!) She’s cool, she’s equal parts sassy and relaxed, and she’s the kind of girl who’s always ready for an long as that adventure doesn’t require pants with buttons.

Capri Cut

So you like the classic cutoff? That means you either love working out or pretending like you love to work out. Either way, good for you. While I personally fall into the latter category of hearing the word “gym” and wondering if that’s some new guy one of my friends is dating, I hear that there are people out there who genuinely enjoy sweating for fun. To each her own, I guess.

The capri girl accompanies her go-to leggings with a neon racerback tank and either running shoes or flip flops (depending on whether or not she’s carrying around her yoga mat, of course). Despite loving (or simply tolerating) the gym, this girl always has both her hair and makeup done immaculately -- but in that subtle (read: not Kardashian) style that includes concealer, mascara, and a subtle gloss on the lips. Basically, she’s effortless. If it weren’t for the fact that after her last birthday party she passed out in your bathtub, you’d hate her for being so polished.

Classic Leggings

The classic leggings girl is the girl who wears leggings...every day. At this point, she has thrown away every pair of “pants” that involves buttons or zippers and has instead solely started buying both leggings and maxi dresses. “I don’t want to feel constricted” are her favorite words ever -- which is why she’s also the same kind of girl who refuses to wear a bra once she enters her own home. This girl is fun, she’s quirky, and she sees nothing wrong with wearing hot pants for quite literally every occasion. She’s gotten remarkably good at accessorizing and layering. So good, in fact, that her grandmother has finally stopped using the saying “why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?” in reference to her all spandex lifestyle.

When you think of this girl, you think of Kristen Bell or Jennifer Aniston -- just laid back women who’d rather be in sandals, drinking margaritas than in heels, drinking champagne. The kind of girl who loves ankle leggings is really your all around American girl. Best word to describe her? Classic.